October 31, 2017

Vote YES on Prop 1!


Category: Newsletter

Just a week left! As of today, you have one more week to turn in your ballot! Ballots are due on Tuesday, November 7th. As a King County resident, you’ll be voting on Proposition 1: the Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy. We urge you: vote YES on this proposition!

Prop 1 is a renewal and expansion of a levy that has supported King County’s most vulnerable residents over the past 12 years. We’ve been working to make sure that survivors of gender-based violence are included in the levy’s service expansion and could be funded under the human services portion of the levy. Not to mention—survivors would also benefit from the levy’s housing stability and other human services funding, which could include counselling, legal help, job seeking support, and more.

For the average King County homeowner, the expanded levy would cost an additional $2.33/month. While we’re dissatisfied that our only tax options are regressive, we know that property taxes are less regressive than the sales tax. Given our available options, this is our best bet. This modest increase in property tax would be returned to the community many times over—when we all come together to support our community, we all benefit.

Learn more about the Coalition’s position on Prop 1: the Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy here.

And don’t forget—turn in your ballots by next Tuesday, November 7th!