June 24, 2016

Our new website!


Category: Newsletter


The end of 2015 proved to be an exciting time for us: we debuted our new name, look, and mission. We are the Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence. We are working together for gender equity and social justice in King County.

In April, our new website quietly went live and completed our transition from KCCADV to the Coalition Ending Gender-Based Violence. Coalition staff worked long and hard with the team at Rusty George Creative to craft a plethora of materials, including the website, that fit our reimagined identity. Take a tour!

When you open www.endgv.org, you are greeted with bold signature yellow and purple colors. The website is a tool to understand more about gender-based violence, learn about our collective work as a Coalition, and become a member (if you’re not already). You can also access a rich variety of tools and reports created by different Coalition projects; these publications are organized both by project and topic. Our new site also offers a calendar of events, which lists Coalition, Member Organization, and Community events. If you‘d like to add an event to the calendar, send an email to endgv@endgv.org. On our newsfeed you will find a variety of different things: community job posting, Coalition event details, training follow ups, and more.

And lastly, make sure to check out the Board & Staff page to see some adorable childhood photos of the Coalition staff!