June 07, 2017

SHOW UP for the Veteran’s, Seniors and Human Services Levy!


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The King County Executive transmitted the new Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy to the County Council and we have a lot of work to do to ensure the entire proposal makes it to the November ballot!

The good news is that the services & support we know are needed are included in his proposed levyOne-third of the new levy’s proceeds would be used to provide health and human services for our county’s most vulnerable citizens, including survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

We understand there may be some reluctance to approve any tax measure, but our job now is showing up to give the council the courage to put the levy on the ballot in the full amount transmitted.

The proposed measure will cost the owner of an average home in King County – currently $450,000 – about $3 more each month. The owner of an average home currently pays about $1.50 per month to fund the levy, which will go up to $4.50 per month if it’s renewed. The new levy will generate just over $400 million over the next six years, that’s $66 million each year, continuing our commitment to veterans and vulnerable populations – and meeting the needs of our region’s growing senior population.

Now we MUST TURN OUT IN DROVES at each of the council meetings below to let the council know the community wants them to approve the full amount of the proposed levy.

All meetings are held in Council Chambers on the 10th floor of the King County Courthouse, at 516 Third Avenue between James and Jefferson in Seattle.

1. Wed,  June 14th   9:30am – Budget & Fiscal Management
2. Wed,  June 14th   3:00pm – Regional Policy Committee
3. Wed,  June 28th   9:30am – Budget & Fiscal Management

The RPC Committee meeting at 3pm on the 14th is the MOST IMPORTANT meeting but they are all critical opportunities to let your voice be heard.

If you can’t make these meetings, please email the council members or call and leave them a message about the importance of this critical funding!

Phone                               Email

206-477-1001        rod.dembowski@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1002        larry.gossett@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1003        kathy.lambert@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1004        jeanne.kohl-welles@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1005        dave.upthegrove@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1006        claudia.balducci@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1007        pete.vonreichbauer@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1008        joe.mcdermott@kingcounty.gov
206-477-1009        reagan.dunn@kingcounty.gov

There is no time to wait. It’s time to rally everyone in your community to show up and speak up. This levy is NOT a sure thing, unless we make it so! If we don’t get it on the ballot all the good things happening with the current levy will stop Dec 31st.

This is it!! Let’s make it happen!!


Alicia Glenwell
Trauma & Behavioral Health Systems Coordinator