About Us

We work together for gender equity and social justice in King County, WA.

We are proud that our diverse members and allies are doing such tremendous work to end gender-based violence and serve survivors. We’re here to support their efforts so that they have tools and resources to work more effectively. We fight for protective legislation, policies, and funding at the state and local levels to improve how our communities handle domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. We connect professionals across disciplines to share ideas, and we offer trainings about current challenges and best practices.

We also lead special projects that tap into the collective power of Coalition members and ensure access to high quality services for all survivors. Our current emphasis is on survivors who struggle with issues around mental health, chemical dependency, and/or family law. Past projects have been focused on increasing access to services for LGBTQ survivors of violence and on survivors of abuse who have been arrested.

“The Coalition is able to negotiate on policies and funding for the entire victim services community. This pulls the community together and keeps us from having internal competition for dollars, making the overall pie larger.”

– Coalition Member

Our Vision

Together we can create safe and just communities where all people thrive.

“The Coalition has a consistent vision that sees the broader intersections of gender-based violence in terms of people of color, the LGBTQ community and other ways in which people are marginalized and disenfranchised.”

– Coalition Member

Our Mission

To end gender-based violence and promote equitable relationships through collective action for social change.

“The Coalition has provided a loud and persistent voice for victims and survivors of gender-based violence in our communities.”

– Coalition Member

Our Values

We Value Social Justice

We recognize that gender-based violence is rooted in oppression, and that poverty, inaccessibility, and lack of resources are major barriers to the self-determination of survivors. We work to change institutions that support the abuse of power between individuals and groups of people, and to undo interpersonal and institutionalized oppression. We work for social justice and the fair and equitable distribution of resources.

“When you work in direct service, it’s really great to know that someone is working on the bigger issues because the system can easily bog you down. The Coalition is bringing people together and building relationships in the community. It’s phenomenal.”

– Coalition Member

We Value Racial Justice

We acknowledge that racial injustice exists at every level of our society—from our individual biases to our policies and institutions. We understand that institutional racism puts people of color at increased risk for gender-based violence, creates additional barriers and harm to survivors of color, and dehumanizes us all. We work to eliminate the racial disparities that both fuel gender-based violence and intensify its negative effects, and to create a community that values and celebrates racial and ethnic diversity.

We Value Gender Justice

We believe that gender-based violence is underpinned by gender inequity, gendered stereotypes, and heterosexism, and is compounded by other forms of injustice. We work together to undo and redress gender-based violence to ensure that survivors of all genders are able to access support.

“The Coalition provides leadership on intersectional approaches. They actively agitate for change within the system and their analysis around survivors is rooted in feminism.”

– Coalition Member

We Value Collaboration

We involve broad segments of our communities in taking a stand against gender-based violence and in supporting the dignity and respect of all survivors. We work to engage a cross-section of community leaders and value the advantages of diverse perspectives. We link our commitment to ending gender-based violence with other progressive movements for economic and social justice.

“Working to end gender-based violence can be very isolating and dangerous. The Coalition creates a space where you feel you’re part of a safe, trusting community – and that allows for greater interaction.”

– Coalition Member

We Value Self-Determination

We support and expand the choices available to survivors of gender-based violence, including religious freedom, disability access, and reproductive choice. We work with our communities to protect the emotional, sexual, and physical safety of survivors.

“Without the Coalition, survivors would not have the resources available and the safety nets in place that are so vital in supporting their survival.”

– Coalition Member

We Value Survivor Perspectives

The perspectives of survivors are central in our work. We value survivor engagement to guide us in setting priorities and taking collective action for change.

“The Coalition allows topics and groups which are otherwise isolated to be brought together and discussed. They have such great credibility in the community.”

– Coalition Member

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